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How to find a good barber shop or barber near me.

So... You are on the hunt to find the best barbershop in your local area. We are more than aware how difficult it can be to try and find quality in men's barbershops in a market so saturated that it is difficult to filter out some good barber's cuts and services.

Therefore, we have created a relatively straight forward guide pointing out the key factors that should help you on your venture to finding barbershops open near you.


  • Read reviews across several platforms.

  • Check out barbershop social media pages.

  • Take a look at barber's service durations.

  • Research barbers' availability on typically busy days.

  • Check to see if barbershops offer the services that you require.

  • Do the barbershops opening hours suit your schedule on a regular basis?

Read reviews across several platforms.

Reviews are a great way to identify a barber or a barbershops reputation and how people found their overall experience.

A simple google search can go a long way when researching reviews across all platforms. For example: best barbershops near me.

This will filter reviews from several different website sources allowing you to take a good look at how a large range of people found their barbers cut, service and overall experience.

Remember that a barbershop with more reviews is usually more established and a larger span of reviews will provide you with accurate results. Also take a look at positive feedback linking to individual barber's names. This will help you find the most highly rated barber in that specific barbershop.

Check out social media accounts.

This is a great way to help judge the style of different barbers near you and see if the haircuts that they post on social media match what you are looking for.

For instance, you might come across a very classic barbershop that post daily about excellent cutthroat wet shaves, beard trims and classic scissor cuts. However, you may be looking for more of a modern cropped skin fade and shape up. If there are minimal photos and videos of what you want and they are seemingly poor in quality, then it probably isn't the shop for you.

When you find a good barbers with a style that suits your wishes, take a look at which individual barber did the haircut or beard trim that you like. Perhaps look to see if their personal social media account has been tagged to look further into some of their haircuts. You can then go on to book an appointment with a barber that you feel comfortable with.

Take a look at barber's service durations.

If a barbershop is available for bookings via a booking system, each service should contain a service duration time. This is a great indication to find out whether or not your barber will care about the quality of the consultation and haircut or rush to take your money and get you out of the door.

At Declan Jacobs Barbering, we are all about precision and quality. This is why we have extended appointment times ensuring customer satisfaction whilst avoiding rushing.

As a guideline, these are our three most popular services and their durations.

  1. Classic Haircut - 45 minutes

  2. Skin Fade - 45 minutes

  3. Hair And Beard Trim - 1 Hour

We find that these appointment times suit us very well at our barbershop in Bromsgrove and we never feel rushed to get clients out of the door. Most importantly, we are able to put quality first.

Research barbers' availability on typically busy days.

A great way to find the best barbers near you is to look and see how busy a specific barbershop is.

If you go to book an appointment, take a look and see what each individual barber's availability is looking like. If a barbershop has plenty of last-minute availability on a peak day like Saturday, then you know that they are most likely not up to the standard that you are looking for. However, if you are struggling to find a time that suits you, then this is probably a good sign as they are evidently popular and in demand for a reason.

Don't forget to take a look into which barber suits your style.

If you book your appointments a few days/weeks in advance, you shouldn't have a problem finding an appointment slot that suits your busy schedule with your barber.

Check to see if barbershops offer the services that you require.

It is all good and well finding a great barbershop open near you. They may have fantastic reviews and ratings. They may tick all of the boxes. Nevertheless, the key fundamental is finding the best barber for you.

If you are a bald man with a beard, a barbershop executing phenomenal haircuts, skin fades and shaves is pointless if the reviews are poor in relation to beard trims... Don't just look for the first bearded barber that you can find as there are plenty out there.

Make sure that the barbershops services match up to your personal requirements. Check out the reviews that are linked to the service that you are interested in booking. We use the booking system - This process is made incredibly easy as every review is linked to the service that the customer received.

Do the barbershops opening hours suit your schedule on a regular basis?

This is a factor that is often overlooked.

You may have searched the terms - Barbershop near me open today, open barber shops near me, barber open near me, or barber shops open late.

You may find a great barbers cut that has perfected your hairstyle. You can finally call them 'my barber'. But you are never able to book an appointment with them and they do not operate as a walk in barbershop. It is crucial that you find a barber that is able to fit into your regular schedule otherwise you will never be able to get a haircut when you really need it.

It is definitely worth looking into your barbers' working hours and making sure that it aligns with a gap in your free time.

We hope that this helps you find the right barbershop for you.

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